last month i went to an evening with neil gaiman at portsmouth guildhall.
he spoke for an hour, read sections from the ocean at the end of the lane andfortunately, the milk… and then came the book-signing. the queue was very very long, but very much worth it. i met neil gaiman! for a couple of minutes.. and he signed my copy of the ocean (complete with monster!) and my copy of the sandman: dream hunters.

i had asked one of the staff if it was okay to give him a present, and they said of course, and if it’s food even better. but it wasn’t food. it was the stone with the fox on it. in an envelope. i said this is for you, but it is not food. and he said thank you and put the envelope in his pocket. and i hope he remembered later that it was there.

the ocean at the end of the lane is a very good book. now it’s even better, because there is an inky monster on the title page.

(Source: Flickr / lalalaika)

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